ASmallOrange and GreenGeeks Hosting Review

ASmallOrange and GreenGeeks Hosting Review


Do not let the name fool you - this “orange” is not at all small.
ASmallOrange is both a straightforward and transparent hosting company - what you see is what you get. Similar to SiteGround, it offers the best results for the price of limited storage and bandwidth.
The simplest shared hosting package comes with 5GB of storage and 50GB of bandwidth (a less vague metric, compared to the expected SiteGround visits).
There is also a smaller plan, but the price difference is negligible ($ 5.92 instead of $ 8), while storage and throughput are literally 10 times less.
On the other hand, the best-tier plan offers 30GB of memory and 500GB of bandwidth for $ 25 per month. Like all the listed services, this provider provides WordPress one-click installation and its optimized packages but no more effective than services.
In addition, it offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as a free .com domain and an unlimited number of websites with everything that comes with it. The bandwidth limitations are strict here, and there are cases when this was the reason for the shutdown of sites. So it’s worth checking out cloud hosting services that start at $ 22 per month.While there are complaints about customer support, usually due to bandwidth issues, ASmallOrange remains one of the few webs hosting solutions that offer a 90-day money back guarantee.
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A company with a peculiar approach, GreenGeeks is no doubt included in the top 10 hosting services. It is based in California and uses wind energy to power its servers, directing excess energy from its windmills to the local network. You will find some dmca ignored hosting 2019 here.
The company provides only one hosting plan with unlimited storage, sites, and data transfer. While the price of the plan is $ 3.95, a small footnote says that this price is valid if you pay 3 years in advance. Otherwise, it will cost $ 9.95 per month.
Another disadvantage is that the results are slightly worse than the average, which means your sites may take longer to load. The provider provides a free domain and a 30-day money-back guarantee, but somewhere there must be a small footnote with restrictions because, without it, these statements seem suspicious.
In general, the company offers a good service for the money they ask. Here you do not have to choose between different packages.